Reminiscence of Dakota Crescent


Human tends to have chequered life. I guess the lowest tide occurred during the neighborhoods forced to relocate from Dakota Crescent. Since 30th December 2016, the place had become a ghost town due to Dakota Crescent being listed as one of the estates under Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) on year 2014.


I went to document the place after three months the place became a ghost town. To be creative, I was looking for the footprint, abandon stuffs and the appearances of abandoned place. It turned out as expected, there are many stuff been abandoned on the stairs, outside the room, below of HDB blocks. It touched my heart that I have seen many abandon stuffs which made me recall of childhood. This implied that our childhood era is ending and we need to move on.



Dakota Crescent, comprising 17 low-rise rental blocks, was completed in 1958 by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT), the predecessor to HDB. Known affectionately as the “seven-storey houses”, Dakota Crescent was named in memory of the Dakota DC-3 aircraft that crashed at Kallang Airport in 1946.