Jurong Fishery Port

Jurong Fishery Port

Midnight market? Seriously? I was stunned when asked to do a project at Jurong Fishery Port starting at 12am. It is surprise that there is such a place in Singapore since 99% of shops closed after 10pm. It was a whole new experience for me as a photographer and I am so excited.

The Jurong fish port established on year 1969 located at west of Jurong. It acts as a centralized fish auctioning system in place, it attracted most of the local came to have deal while they could compare prices and snag a cheaper catch. What makes Jurong Fish Port unique is the operating time start from 12am to 5am (the time people snore on the bed).

For this documentary photography I used black and white to present to emphasize the tone and eliminate the distracting orange lighting.



Jurong Fishery Port

Fishery Port Rd,
Singapore 619742
12am - 5am



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