Information, is getting more and more that choke us down like bucket of alcohol. It appears on moving screen everywhere, anytime, 24hours, day and night. As it thrilled by, the screens is getting white. It is full of information pump into our brain until we are going to explode. We, are panic and anxiety getting unable up to date all the information. Scared of out date and being eliminated. We, are the generation with media over-stimulation, we, are digital insanity that getting less of humanity.



This project is portraying the city life filled by information and technologies. The society nowadays having too much information while it make us feel panic and anxiety. We are keep tracking all the information from time to time through the glass screen, hoping we are not miss out any information. Eventually, we are becoming lifeless creature. This is why when I pointed the camera towards the LED advertising board, there were many information thrilled by. And it formed a blank white screen after the long exposure. The blank white screen seems like a lot of information, but it is emptiness.